Saturday, September 25, 2010

Our New Poster!

Just in time for The Baby and Toddler Show next week at Darling Harbour, we have this fantastic new Curl Free Polypropylene Poster that will be part of our display. It spans 2m wide and 0.85m high. The boxes that are shown above will actually be blank on the real poster, so that this way, we can print individual images to suit the focus of the exhibition.
For example, at next week's Show, we are launching our Just Hatched Collection for 000-1, so this age group will be our main target market, and we will mainly have photographs of the bubbas. Then at other events we can replace these pics with new styles etc, without having to have a new poster made up each time.
We very much love our Graphic Designer Lucinda!! She's done a fabulous job. Very excited about the rest of our stand, of which I have hubby working on this weekend, after a little trip to Bunnings ..... looking forward to showing you the end result :)


  1. I hope the show is a huge success for you Deni.
    Love the the poster too x

  2. Thanks lovely :) looking forward to it!!