Saturday, August 28, 2010

just a bit of blog babble

So, just felt like using my blog for a bit of babble. I do a lot of posts with big photographs, capturing different markets, designers and handmade products etc. Which I LOVE! And watch this space, as there are a few more to come soon :) But this evening, I just felt like a little release of information from my brain in the form of a blog post.
I have so much going on at the moment. Ha Ha, laugh those who know me, as this is a constant state of Deni being. I am very tired, and haven't slept well the last few nights, so feel a little more overwhelmed with my life than usual.
Today. For example.
I won a one month membership to Platinum Fitness First, so I decided to take it up. I haven't been regulalry exercising for some time, and have put on a few kgs over winter. I joined up yesterday and started this morning at 7.30am I came away on such a high! The gym I have joined is on Wanda beach at Cronulla, so the views are stunning. I really felt that I achied high quality ME time! I grabbed my free newspaper on the way out the door, and a couple of caps before heading home.
Just after 9am Riley-Sue arrived. She is a Year 11 student who helps me produce a 32page mini magazine for our local community. We work on it all day of the last Saturday of each month (except December) - we have submissions from members of the community, regarding what has been happening over the last month, there are local businesses who advertise, and then we also have our own articles that we write. Riley-Sue does a "Top 5" each month and then we also have feature article with colour photographs. Last month Riley-Sue wrote about a local Youth Service that held an activity day in the village through the school holidays, with a visit from Cronulla Sharks players, and this month I am doing up wrap up of the election day BBQ and Market that was held at our local public school.
9.30am I hop in the shower, then put the kids in the bath and clean the bathroom.
10am Eat cereal for breakfast.
11am popped down the road with my daughter Amalia, so she could attend her friend's 5th birthday party. I stayed for 40minutes, before apologising, and heading back home to the Riley-Sue and the Village News.
12.30 Hubby leaves to head up to Bunnings whilst Rile-Sue and I continue working, and as the car pulls out of the driveway, little man Tae wakes up crying, and very clingy. Stop for lunch.
1.15pm Mum pops by and takes Tae with her to visit Great Nan, so that work can be achieved. Riley-Sue continues working on the computer, an I start tracing stars on the fusible paper {can't think of the name of it off the top of my head} I have a few hundred or so to trace, iron on to fabric and cut out, for all our Cheeky Chickies spring summer Rise'n'Shine shorts and tanks.
1.45 Amalia is delivered home from the party - full of sugar - and starts whinging for more food and a new barbie dvd from the video store. Continue tracing stars and hubby feeds Mali more sugar to keep her quiet, after mummy has told her the only option for food is banana.
3.45pm Mum arrives back with Tae. Put him to bed, then head out to drop Riley-Sue off to meet the minister's wife and set up for Sunday School tomorrow, then continue on with Amalia in the car to pick up a dvd.
4.45 heading back home. Stop off at shopping centre for fruit, beer, and to enquire with the Pizza guys as to why they haven't paid their advdrtising bills for the Village News, as we had to pull their ad last month. Mali fallen asleep in the car.
5.00 Home. Leave Amalia in the car asleep. Hop on the computer and bring up Facebook, as have been invited to guest {spam} the FB page for the gorgeous Handmade Kids Tae awake , so feed him some dinner and then a little bike ride outside as daddy cooks the chicken on the BBQ.
Head out to the car to wake up Mali, and head inside for dinner
5.45pm early dinner. Mali having a meltdown. Settle her and manage to get a small amount of food in to her.
6.15pm another Mali meltdown. Suggest that she head to bed early tonight. teeth brushed, pj's on, which are removed shortly after lights go out, so that she can dress up in all manner of bizarre coordinates. Taeland having a meltdown now.
6.45pm Writing this post.
Still need to finish tracing stars, as they all need to be finished by Monday morning to take over the manufacturing team. Still need to finish the Village News, and get it to the printer by tomorrow night, Monday at the latest.
So. A day in the life of Deni.
Hope you have had a chance to enjoy the day ! Happy to chat, leave comments, or questions as you like :)
Thanks for reading my babble !

Saturday, August 21, 2010

a few new pics

Our Rise'n'Shine Sets with Button Up Booties

The classic Sunny Side Up Party Skirt and Tank with Button Up Booties

New accessories!
Our Double Trouble Rosette Brooch
Available in limited edition printed fabrics
and ribbons!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Southern Sydney's Designer Handmade Market!

I am so excited to tell you about some of the changes to Allies Attic!
Many of you know that I have been exhibiting Cheeky Chickies at a
boutique baby and kids market called Allies Attic.
The market started up last November and earlier this year, settled in to
its home location in the Sutherland Shire. Nice for me, being only 5 minutes
down the road! The market has been running bi-monthly and has received
a fantastic response from Shire locals - loving the quality of designers
and commenting that there is nothing like it in southern Sydney.
Well, I am totally over the moon to spread the word now,
that with our upcomming Spring market on Satruday 18th September,
Allies Attic will now showcase an exquisite range of designers of products
for women and children of all ages!

One designer that I am very excited to work alongside is my friend
Natasha Dwyer, of the label Arthur Avenue.
Tash and I go way back, and I used to stock some of her kids pieces when
I was retailing - even managed to get one of her skirts in Shop 4 Kids.
Natasha's designs are beautiful and sophisticated, and she has won numerous
awards for her designs and her use of vintage and recycled fabrics and trims.
Natasha has received celebrity status in recent weeks, being interviewed
by the media and appearing on the Kerrie-Anne Show,
as she is the brainchild behind the inspirational "National Costume"
that is to be worn by Australia's Jesinta Campbell, in the upcomming
Miss Universe Pageant over in the US.

Such a privilege to be working alongside such talent.

For more information on the upcomming market, visit

Its going to be a fantastic event, with over 50 market stalls both

indoors and outside in the garden area.

Plus live music and a supervised kids activity area!

Young Blood Designer's Market 2010

Recently we had a great little adventure as we travelled in to the

big smoke to visit the Young Blood Designer Markets

at The Powerhouse Museum.

These were my snaps from the day of bits and pieces

that captured my attention!

So cute are these little hair accessories from Chi Chi


Contemporary jewellery from In Sync design

Inseperable Companion (part of the collection from the students from

Enmore Design Centre)

So cute were these Thread Pets - softies and funky bandana style bibs

OK, so if I could add another project to my planner, it would have to

be screen printing. Alas, I just don't have the time or space at the moment,

so get my fixes from textile and print designers whenever i can!

Loved the polish designs from Laikonik

Gorgeous designs from Swoon and Blues

they also had these fantastic wall art clocks!

Bright and Bold, just to my liking,


all so stunning. I purchased a singlet top from Materialistic, and the designer

gave Mali a few free badges too :)

Funky brooches from Cherish Vintage Treasures

Mali wearing her badges that were a gift from Materialistic.

Unfortunately I can't locate the designer of the cute necklaces :(

Okt-ober Dee Stunning collection of accessories and bags,

totally gorgeous and talented!

I have a bit of a thing for brooches - love making them myself, and love buying!

purchased one from the designer Notions

also, not Pictured but very cool - and I purchased a pair of their silver dove earrings!

Ok, quite possibly my pic of the day.
Delilah Devine makes these gorgeous brooches, cards and LOVE
the flying ducks :) My sister is pregnant with twins, due end of the year.
If she ends up having both a boy and a girl, I am definately
re-visiting this store to purchase the brooch in the first pic!
The last pic is of me with my bird brooch.

We finished off the day with a play in the kids activity rooms.
Amalia did a special drawing and we hung it on the wall.
I had to capture this, as I am a very proud mummy.
It has taken her a while (as she takes after me with losing patience quickly at times)
but she has finally (somewhat) mastered writing her name :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A bit of a birthday theme?

So I celebrated my birthday yesterday.
It wasn't a major milestone celebration, but nice to celebrate in some form all the same.
I went out to lunch with my mother and two good friends,
to a fancy shmancy restaurant on Cronulla Beach - Summer Salt.
Enjoyed a glass of bubbles and great food.
I had recently purchased a new outfit from Country Road {love}
a simple olive cotton tee and linen pants.
I wore one of my own beaded necklace and earring sets,
and decided the night before, to make myself the Rosette Brooch.
Hubby bought be the gorgeous bunch of orchids {my favourite flower},
the silver heart key ring (which opens to hold a photo),
and my friend gave me the Mor body butter.
When I put everything together, I noticed a bit of a colour theme,
and thought i would take a couple of snaps for enjoyment

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Little Man's Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated our little man's 2nd Birthday!

I had decided some time ago, that it would be in the theme of Teddy Bear's Picnic.

The main problem that i encountered though, was finding decorations to suit.

There were plenty of boys's jungle, spaceship and magic show party decorations,

but I couldn't find anything that suited a 2 year old with a teddy for a best friend.

Then my gorgeous friend Carissa Little (of Bella Piccolo Photography)

came to the rescue, and specially designed all the templates for all

the teddy themed party decorations I would dream of!

Check out her blog, as she did a fantastic job with her own daughter's 2nd birthday

and this may be a specialty business that you will see more of in the future!

Pictured above we have custom made "soda pop" labels attached to

apple/blackcurrent pop tops juices, personalised party favour boxes, cupcake toppers,

party hats, gift tags and bunting. There were also popcorn boxes, but i ran out of time!

I purchased special paper from the Scrapbook Shop, it was red with white dots on

one side, and red and white stripes on the other, and another friend created the

colour coordinated balloon topiary displays to match.

The treat table consisted of tiny teddies, sour bears, gummi bears,

and arnott's chocolate covered teddy biscuits.

So, I also had fun coming up with the little coordinated outfits for the kids.

It started on a recent trip to Kids Central at Entertaintment Quarter,

where i came across the Freshbaked Faux Fur Vest for Amalia.

I thought it looked just like a cuddly bear vest.

I also grabbed the blue cord vest for Tae. He also wears Cheeky Chickies

Rib Knit Rollover Top in Hibiscus Red, Pants from Krickets and the most

divine red leather loafers from Czarque! These baby shoes are made in

Australia too - we can't wait to work side-by-side with Czarque

a The Baby and Toddler Show, Darling Harbour 1st, 2nd, 3rd October!

So Mali also wears Cheeky Chickies Rib Knit Rollover Top in White Sand,

Frill Sleeve Top in Ocean Blue, Twirlie Whirlie Skirt in Hibiscus Red (new style)

and Rib Knit Slim Fit Pants in Ocean Blue, and her red leather Lelli Kellis.

We were so lucky to have such stunning weather for the middle of winter, so decided
to move the party outdoors, where we spread out a picnic rug, played duck duck goose
and got a great photo of the kids with their favourite furry friends.

A BIG thank you to my beautiful friend Emma, for making Tae's
Teddy Bear's Picnic themed Birthday Cake.

As you can see, it was enjoyed greatly by our little man!

Tae had a wonderful day, he was very happy with his new Radio Flyer bike,
and loved the pressies and new toys he received.
I am especially taken by wooden toys at the moment, so
a special shout out to Rudy and The Dodo, As I really love the little space ship,
it comes apart and magnetically fits back together. And Modern Little Munchkins
for the gorgeous wooden food. These are made in halves, secured by velcro.
You use the knife to practice cutting them in half, and the velcro makes a realistic
cutting sound as you move the knife through it.
Just fantastic, educational toys!
A BIG thank you to all my friends for helping me pull this party together,
Jodi, Emma, Mandy, Dayna, Fiona, Loz, Cheri, Carissa, Mum and of course, Nate.
And thank you all for putting up with my crazy mummy status when you arrived
and still didn't have everything ready - yes, I take full responsibility for my
temporary insanity :)