Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You ABC Classical FM!

On our recent trip down to Canberra, my sister and I laughed at mum when we started out on the journey, and she was play ABC Classical FM. It was soon shifted to a more up beat radio station, and a few CD's were alternated.

On the way home though, we were about half way in to the trip when the little man decided he was oh so not happy about being in the car anymore. No manner of treats, toys, songs would keep him from crying. We stopped at one point, so I could get him out, give him a cuddle, and try to settle him, as he has a habit of getting himself so worked up that he vomits, and that was the last thing we wanted when there was still an hour of the journey remaining. Alas, as I made the move to secure him back in the seat, he started up with his screaming and crying again.

We started on the road again, and the suggestion was put forward to try the classic music to soothe and calm the soul - and boy, you would not believe it, in a matter of seconds, after an hour or so of crying and screaming, the little man was quiet. He was not asleep, no, he was placidly listening to the music.

A week later, I had to take the little man in to hospital for day surgery. We were required to leave the house at 6am, and Tae was to be fasted. So I decided to pull him straight from slumber, in to the car. Naturally, he was not a happy chappy with this swift move. I put on the radio, but it was news time, damn! So Tae continued to cry, as the report cam to completion, and the classical music commenced, it was like a wave of a magic wand! Quiet....
And this pattern has continued, so ABC Classical FM is my savour and permanently holds the position of channel 1 on my car radio. So Thank You! ABC Classical FM :)

Monday, June 21, 2010

The Handmade Market Part 2

Above: One of my top pics from the market Six in a Row, gorgeous chunky resing and wood
beaded necklaces, plus the gorgeous brooch in the pic below.
You can see why this stall caught my eye immediately - just love the colours!
Plus, this little piece just went so perfectly with Amalia's outfit.

More on COLOUR - couldn't help but snap the gorgeous tea cosy,
and below, more yummy hand printed textiles from Amanda Rae

Lastly, a purchase for Tae, this gorgeous little tee from Tinker by Printink Studio.
These gorgeous textile designers travelled from Melbourne to attend the market.
Was excited to see them in the latest issue of Bambini Directory too!
So, you may ask, "what are your little chickies wearing Mrs Chicken?"
Amalia wears Cheeky Chickies Rollover Neck Top in Orchid Pink, Slim Fit Pants in Ocean Blue
and Cropped Cardigan also in Ocean Blue. Each of these pieces gorgeously frame the
beautiful babushka skirt from Skye Rocket Sews.
Taelan wears Cheeky Chickies Rollover Neck Top in White Sand, Spudbaby Pants
and a really cutie patootie sausage dog applique tee from Urchin (Mali has the cat - just love'em)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Handmade Market Part 1

1. Gorgeous soft toys and mobiles by Sarah Saliba from Gifts Created

2. Alicia Gabriel's beautiful wall art - hand crafted by this very talented young lady,

come and check out her stuff at the next Allies Attic boutique kids market!

3. Another of my favourites, Madi and Me, stunningly created clothing for babies and toddlers,

many items that are reversible - purchased a skirt a little while back, need to photograph!

1. One of the first stalls we stopped at, and loved the name, Cheeky Textiles. Really gorgeous

selection of fabric designes, wrapped wall art. Love the orange and red owl, and the pink and

yellow at the back - think they will go great in Amalia's new room!

2. Yum Yum, loved these lamps from Honi and Lemon, little elephants will be a running theme

in the little man's new room I think, so these could be a goer!

They also had some gorgeous bags and funky fabric covered furniture.

3 and 4. I am falling, falling, falling in love with hand printed textiles.

Have been wishing I could do a class with Prints Charming, but never have the time.

Just loved Third Bird, and then when i was checking out Deidre's blog,

and found that she had a staffy, then I knew she was a girl after my own heart!

Plus, the chickens!

Going to have to get one of these for the newly renovated house

(whenever it finally eventuates)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Simple Sibling Pleasures

Gorgeous sunny Canberra last weekend.
The kids had so much fun playing outside in the garden,
how could they not!
Such simple pleasures,
creating such warm fuzzies in their mummy :)
The pictures speak for themselves

Monday, June 14, 2010

Early Morning Rising

I woke up early the following morning (thanks to my darling daughter)

and just had to capture the scene :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little trip to Canberra Pt 1

Last weekend we took a little trip to Canberra. I suppose you could call it a bit of a girl's weekend away, seeing as it was myself, my mum, my sister, and my daughter, but lets just throw my little man Tae in for good measure :)

We were looking forward to spending time with our great family friend {Aunty} Sherry on her property on the outskirts of town, soaking up the fresh country air and all the gorgeous scenery. We were so lucky to be leaving the coast - Sydney had been suffering from heavy rains for a good couple of weeks, yet the sun was shining and the skies were a crisp blue in Canberra!

The property on which we were staying was a good 4500 acres. Much of that was bushland, with sheep and kangaroos, an orchard and gorgeous cottage gardens surrounded the house, but along the drive to the east of the property, a special plantation had occurred and we were visiting on the opening weekend of a very special hunt..... for truffles!

Yes, we were at the home of the prestigious French Black Truffles of Canberra. Snuffle the truffle dog, had a successful first day, along with the very well trained labbies (trained by specialist police) and we were treated to a very special serving of truffled scrambled eggs on toast on our last day.

I must say, I was not a fan of the smell.... the truffles were placed in a bowl of eggs, and left to permeate for 48 hours), but they tasted scrumptious, to me, a kind of syrupy flavour.

Mum, Sis, Sherry and Dog Trainer (we can't show you his face, but he was a cutie:)

Off on the hunt....

Good Girl Snuffle!

hhhmmmm, not the most pleasant sight or smell, but boy were they yummy!

Stay posted..... more snippets from our little trip to come :)