Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Facebook Give Away!

It took us a little while longer than initially expected but we are so thrilled to have reached 500 {Likers} on our Facebook Page

To celebrate this achievement, and thank those who have helped us to get there, we have been running a little GIVE AWAY over the past weekend.

There were three parts to this Give Away, three Prize Packs valued at over $100 each, so everyone had an opportunity to get three entries in to the prize draw!

The three questions were as follows:

1. What is your favourite piece from our Free Range Clothing collection (style and colour). If you were to choose any piece from our entire range, what would it be? There was such a fantastic variety of responses here! So nice to see that our range appeals to so many fashion styles!

2. If your were on the Cheeky Chickies design team, what would you add to the Free Range Clothing collection? A new style, a new colour, or perhaps you would just like one of our current styles in a different colour? Some fantastic ideas here! And what is really exciting is that a number of suggestions are actually things we have recently photographed for our 2011 Autumn Winter collection! One thing we will slip is that our newest addition to the colour palette for AW2011 is Barrier Reef Blue - a gorgeous bright turquoise blue!

3. We are currently in the process of marketing our Autumn Winter 2011 range to prospective retailers around Australia. If you were on the Cheeky Chickies sales team, what would your sales pitch be to the retailers to get them to stock the Cheeky Chickies Free Range Clothing - and is there are particular... store you would be pitching to - online or a boutique near you? Thanks so much for all your sales pitches too! It would be really fantastic to see our range in a store near you!

Thank you to everyone who got involved, these questions have generated some fantastic feedback, creative ideas and have shown wonderful support for our little Aussie made organic fashion label!

Right, now down to the nitty gritty!

Following is a list of every entry, and a number is allocated to each person. We have listed names in order of response, from Part 1, to Part 2 and then Part 3. Each person is entitled to one entry per question, with a total of three entries throughout the entire draw.

  1. Christina Matthewson
  2. Tanya Klerkz
  3. Suzy Draffin
  4. Helen Psaltis
  5. Juliet Van Der Heijden-Robb
  6. Laura Ruhmann
  7. Marissa McArthur
  8. Katie Alpen
  9. Claire 'Peeled' Ryder
  10. Allison Goodall
  11. Norelle Ward
  12. Melissa Smith
  13. Priscilla Fitzgerald
  14. Caprice Burrows
  15. Teresa Van Der Horst
  16. Amanda White
  17. Jennifer Glendinning
  18. Samantha Cairns
  19. Janice Smith Gisler
  20. Sabina Griffiths
  21. Alexis Stocks
  22. Rebekah Taylor
  23. Tina Grace
  24. Christina Matthewson
  25. Juliet Van Der Heijden-Robb
  26. Norell Ward
  27. Melissa Smith
  28. Tanya Klerkz
  29. Gisela Abate
  30. Caprice Burros
  31. Juliet Ranieri
  32. Katie Alpen
  33. Janice Smith Gisler
  34. Teresa van der horst
  35. Amanda White
  36. Jennifer Glendinning
  37. Suzy Draffin
  38. Sabina Griffits
  39. Rebeka Taylor
  40. Tina Grace
  41. Alexis Stocks
  42. Christina Matthewson
  43. Juliet Van Der Heijden-Robb
  44. Melissa Smith
  45. Juliet Ranieri
  46. Caprice Burrows
  47. Amanda White
  48. Teresa van der Horst
  49. Jennifer Glendinning
  50. Suzy Draffin
  51. Norelle Ward
  52. Sabina Griffits
  53. Tanya Klerkx
  54. Rebekah taylor
  55. Tina Grace

Using Random.org with interger values 1 to 55 the following numbers have been selected at random!

Prize Pack Number 1 Goes to:

Number 43

Prize Pack Number 2 Goes to:

Number 50

and lastly

Prize Pack Number 3 Goes to:

Number 22

Thank you to everyone who was involved! If the numbers above correspond with your name, please email info@cheekychickies.com.au

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