Friday, May 1, 2009

This has been SO much fun! all your suggestions for the name of our new design have been absolutely fabulous - so much so that we have decided to award TWO Winners!

That's right - firstly we have decided to award Caprice for her suggestion of "Hearts r Hatching" - thank you so much Caprice - we loved that you have considered our theme in your name, you are right! It fits perfectly :)

Secondly, when Lauravnoble's suggestion came through for "Rise and Shine" we also thought this fitted well with our current Funky Star Range - and our motto being, "Let your light shine LOUD and stand out from the crowd"! So we are also awarding Laura and re-naming this range :)


we have done a re-draw for our Easter Blog Giveaway, and have a new winner! CHont :)

If all our winners could send us an email to so we can discuss your size requirements!

Keep an eye on KFR over the next week (if you are not already a member, go to and sign up) as we have a hot new offer coming your way very soon :)

We would love to hear any feedback or suggestions, so please don't hesitate to email us, post here on our blog or at Kids Fashion Review!!

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