Saturday, May 23, 2009

Out and About: Fashion of Sydney

Last weekend I ventured in to The Fashion of Sydney at the Hall of Industries, Moore Park.

The event was organised by the same lovely people who are organising The Baby Show that we will be exhibiting at in September, so they sent me free tickets and I took my sister and my cheeky little man along for the ride!

We spent a fair wack, my sister scoring a pair of Fendi sunglasses for half price, and I got myself a gorgeous oversized shirt from Ollie and Max, a bargain dress from Natasha ($20!) and then my splurge was on what would have to be my newest favourite label - Bird! I bought the most gorgeous pinafore dress in one of they beautiful designs - in red of course! When I get a good pic, i will post it for you :) There is so much more I want to buy and can't wait to find a spare moment to make it into their Emporium on Cleveland Street.

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