Saturday, May 23, 2009

Standing out in the Crowd

At Cheeky Chickies, our motto is "Let your light shine LOUD and stand out in the crowd"!

Our colour palette is bright and bold, and I have always said that the true test is how quickly you can find your little chickie when out at a public gathering.
We ventured out a few weeks ago to see the Wiggles. I have to say, I had as much fun as Mali did. They were FABULOUS! At one stage, I encouraged Mali to head down the front to join in the "mosh pit" - I was very happy with the choice of clothing I had made - one of our Fig Kids sets - as I could easily keep an eye on her from where we were seated. Our friends Logan and Charli also had a great time :)

We also headed out to our local Festival of the Sails with Mali's great friend Gracie - I love red (in case you hadn't noticed), and our Hearts'r'Hatching set was as Loud as you could get! The girls really enjoyed themselves, and it was great bumping in to their dancing friend Mia.

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