Sunday, June 13, 2010

A little trip to Canberra Pt 1

Last weekend we took a little trip to Canberra. I suppose you could call it a bit of a girl's weekend away, seeing as it was myself, my mum, my sister, and my daughter, but lets just throw my little man Tae in for good measure :)

We were looking forward to spending time with our great family friend {Aunty} Sherry on her property on the outskirts of town, soaking up the fresh country air and all the gorgeous scenery. We were so lucky to be leaving the coast - Sydney had been suffering from heavy rains for a good couple of weeks, yet the sun was shining and the skies were a crisp blue in Canberra!

The property on which we were staying was a good 4500 acres. Much of that was bushland, with sheep and kangaroos, an orchard and gorgeous cottage gardens surrounded the house, but along the drive to the east of the property, a special plantation had occurred and we were visiting on the opening weekend of a very special hunt..... for truffles!

Yes, we were at the home of the prestigious French Black Truffles of Canberra. Snuffle the truffle dog, had a successful first day, along with the very well trained labbies (trained by specialist police) and we were treated to a very special serving of truffled scrambled eggs on toast on our last day.

I must say, I was not a fan of the smell.... the truffles were placed in a bowl of eggs, and left to permeate for 48 hours), but they tasted scrumptious, to me, a kind of syrupy flavour.

Mum, Sis, Sherry and Dog Trainer (we can't show you his face, but he was a cutie:)

Off on the hunt....

Good Girl Snuffle!

hhhmmmm, not the most pleasant sight or smell, but boy were they yummy!

Stay posted..... more snippets from our little trip to come :)

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