Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thank You ABC Classical FM!

On our recent trip down to Canberra, my sister and I laughed at mum when we started out on the journey, and she was play ABC Classical FM. It was soon shifted to a more up beat radio station, and a few CD's were alternated.

On the way home though, we were about half way in to the trip when the little man decided he was oh so not happy about being in the car anymore. No manner of treats, toys, songs would keep him from crying. We stopped at one point, so I could get him out, give him a cuddle, and try to settle him, as he has a habit of getting himself so worked up that he vomits, and that was the last thing we wanted when there was still an hour of the journey remaining. Alas, as I made the move to secure him back in the seat, he started up with his screaming and crying again.

We started on the road again, and the suggestion was put forward to try the classic music to soothe and calm the soul - and boy, you would not believe it, in a matter of seconds, after an hour or so of crying and screaming, the little man was quiet. He was not asleep, no, he was placidly listening to the music.

A week later, I had to take the little man in to hospital for day surgery. We were required to leave the house at 6am, and Tae was to be fasted. So I decided to pull him straight from slumber, in to the car. Naturally, he was not a happy chappy with this swift move. I put on the radio, but it was news time, damn! So Tae continued to cry, as the report cam to completion, and the classical music commenced, it was like a wave of a magic wand! Quiet....
And this pattern has continued, so ABC Classical FM is my savour and permanently holds the position of channel 1 on my car radio. So Thank You! ABC Classical FM :)

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