Friday, May 28, 2010

Fun Fridays!

Fridays is mummy day.
I work at the Hospital on Tuesdays and Thursdays,
Amalia is in kindy Monday to Thursday, and Daddy is home on the weekends.
So on Friday, I plan for fun and games.
I generally don't get work done, unless i get both kids down for a sleep late in the arvo.
We start with swimming lessons in the morning, and then usually morning tea at
Ally Break and a play at North Cronulla Park.
Due to the rain this week though, we decided to head up to Miranda Fair,
and have a good work out at the Soft Play centre.

To allow my kids to really be kids, our Free Range Clothing is designed for
rough and tumble play. Mali gives it a great work out here.

Today she is wearing our Rib Knit Rollover Neck Top in Squid Ink Black,

with our Rib Knit Leggings in Agave Green,

and we are featuring this gorgeous cord pinafore by designer Amanda Coffey

I purchased it at Allies Attic Boutique Kids Market. Its fantastic, because it is reversible, so we have two different looks. Plus it has been so well made, and nice and thick for winter.

yummmmmm mega choc chip muffin!

Taelan enjoyed moving the furniture around,
as he has started to learn how to walk along behind chairs and his push along toy.

He is such a funny little fella, his first theeth, the two front teeth, finally appeared
when he was 16 months of age, and now all of a sudden,
he has about 5 teeth coming through at once!

But he is always such a happy little chappy.

Later in the afternoon, we travelled to Balmain and met up with my gorgeous
friend Shea and her little man Koby (on a short trip home from NZ),
and her sister Perdy, with her little boy Eli.
Don't the colours in this dress just look stunning!
We had so many compliments throughout the day.

Mali and Koby always enjoy each other's company,
its a shame we have an ocean between us!

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