Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young Blood Designer's Market 2010

Recently we had a great little adventure as we travelled in to the

big smoke to visit the Young Blood Designer Markets

at The Powerhouse Museum.

These were my snaps from the day of bits and pieces

that captured my attention!

So cute are these little hair accessories from Chi Chi


Contemporary jewellery from In Sync design

Inseperable Companion (part of the collection from the students from

Enmore Design Centre)

So cute were these Thread Pets - softies and funky bandana style bibs

OK, so if I could add another project to my planner, it would have to

be screen printing. Alas, I just don't have the time or space at the moment,

so get my fixes from textile and print designers whenever i can!

Loved the polish designs from Laikonik

Gorgeous designs from Swoon and Blues

they also had these fantastic wall art clocks!

Bright and Bold, just to my liking,


all so stunning. I purchased a singlet top from Materialistic, and the designer

gave Mali a few free badges too :)

Funky brooches from Cherish Vintage Treasures

Mali wearing her badges that were a gift from Materialistic.

Unfortunately I can't locate the designer of the cute necklaces :(

Okt-ober Dee Stunning collection of accessories and bags,

totally gorgeous and talented!

I have a bit of a thing for brooches - love making them myself, and love buying!

purchased one from the designer Notions

also, not Pictured but very cool - and I purchased a pair of their silver dove earrings!

Ok, quite possibly my pic of the day.
Delilah Devine makes these gorgeous brooches, cards and LOVE
the flying ducks :) My sister is pregnant with twins, due end of the year.
If she ends up having both a boy and a girl, I am definately
re-visiting this store to purchase the brooch in the first pic!
The last pic is of me with my bird brooch.

We finished off the day with a play in the kids activity rooms.
Amalia did a special drawing and we hung it on the wall.
I had to capture this, as I am a very proud mummy.
It has taken her a while (as she takes after me with losing patience quickly at times)
but she has finally (somewhat) mastered writing her name :)

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