Sunday, July 18, 2010


So, you know how much I love boutique markets,
and The Finders Keepers has been earning itself a brilliant reputation,
I myself checked it out last November and was thrilled, but so bummed to miss
out on getting to the last one that ran in May.
So when I heard that The Finders Keepers were curating the markets at
Winterland - a festival being held at Carriageworks through July,
I was so excited to arrange an afternoon with Mr Chicken,
and without the little chickies, to venture in towards the city and check it out!

To say the least, i was a little surprise, and unfortunately, a little disappointed.

I suppose I was expecting the buzz and excitement that i found at Finders Keepers Market, however there were literally only ten market stalls. They were all very talented artisans of course, but was hungry for more. There will be different designers in the coming weeks, so I may just have to pop back to see some more variety to fulfill my needs!

An ice rink had been set up to one end of the grand warehouse, surely a school holiday favourite, and down the other end a gypsy style band played in front of the cafe.

We enjoyed the live music, and had a bite to eat. Mr Chicken was very well behaved too, considering I caught up with my good friend Allie, and spend a while chatting with my dear friend Natasha Dwyer, from Arthur Ave (bottom two pics in the following collage) My old time followers will remember that Cheeky Chickies used to stock Arthur Ave and we even got one of their skirts in to Shop 4 Kids a few years back :)

Tash is a very talented designer, having won numerous awards, dressed all the contestents in the Miss Universe 2009 contest, and has been commissioned to design the national costume for Australia's Jesinta Campbell, to wear in the Miss Universe Finals for 2010! The project is top secret and will be revealed on 29 July!\

Go Tash you are a totally top chick!

So I couldn't leave empty handed.

Below is a little self portrait with my purchase from the event.

Mr Chicken and I then ventured over to Entertainment Quarter for a bit more shopping, a yummy quiet, romantic dinner and a movie - Knight and Day - good fun and a laugh.

Overall a most enjoyable date arvo/night!

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