Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I have caught the craft bug!

Yes, well some might think that i would have already been infected, and to an extent yes, spending the amount of time that i do amongst such talented people at our Allies Attic market, and with my visits to other handmade and designer markets. However, when you run your own business, you find after time, that you no longer have that spare bit of time to engage in the follies of crafts for your own pleasure - you know, it is always about the business.

Well , I am taking a stand and making a change!

Recently I participated in a craft mini market in my local community. It was very small, there were only ten of us, and held in the church hall. I didn't take Cheeky Chickies things, instead, I decided that my jewellery would make an appearance. This is jewellery i had made BC (before children) over 5 years ago, and has been sitting in a box every since. I thought it would be nice to do something different for a change.

Although we didn't pull massive crowds, the buzz in the little hall was infectious, and the devonshire tees were just so yummy!! The community spirit was beautiful and I really enjoyed being amongst it. There was a great variety of hand made treasures, and I will first say, that the market rules were that stall holders had to be residents of our village, so it was so nice to meet other locals, and see their talents.

As a result of this little event, I have now joined the local crafter's club, and attended my first meeting last night at the church hall. It was a fantastic pleasure, and so nice to be there for me, just for me, not my business, not the kids, nice chatter, tea and biscuits, admiring the works of others, and playing around with different ideas of things I would like to try a hand at.

Top pics are of some of my jewellery. Glass Beaded Charm Style Bracelet and then a new little one that I was playing around with, mixing a rosette, with plaited leather, beads and buttons. Wasn't sure about this one, but it was my first piece sold :)

Amalia wears a gorgeous hand knitted jumper that i purchased from the market, just love the colour! Think that will be the next colour in the Cheeky Chickies range :)

Mali also wears one of my kids beaded necklaces, as shown on the mannequin below (I had a cute little green one too and look forward to making more of these). Also shown in this pic is a little applique top by Tu Tu Delightful, who make applique tops, hair accessories and also sell great little tu tu - I have one on hold from their next batch due in August!

Now, my top pic for the day were the bags. These were hand made from recycled clothing. There were a few different styles, and also some wheat bags (which sold out).

What impressed me most, was that the girl who was selling them had only just taught herself to sew, and had never done anything like this before. She demostrated some fantastic talent and can't wait to see more of her creations!

Lasty, how gorgeous are these colours! These beautiful chunky knitted scarves really caught my eye and had i sold a couple more pieces of jewellery, i was going to nab the orangie red one!

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