Monday, February 2, 2009

Our Free Range Clothing

Cheeky Chickies Free Range ClothingTM has been designed to transcend the seasons, to accommodate the changing climate we seem to experience on a daily basis. The styles are breezy in the summer heat whilst still providing protection against the sun, and when the southerly hits and the temperature cools, pieces can be layered, for additional warmth.

Cheeky Chickies uses colour to make a statement. Mrs Chicken says, “the true test is how quickly you can find your little chickies when out at a busy gathering. At Cheeky Chickies, we don’t do subtle – we do loud, so that they stand out from the crowd!”. The range is designed to be versatile, to mix and match, so the colours compliment each other when worn as a coordinated outfit. The designs stand out by themselves, or mixed with some of Cheeky Chickies special limited edition print pieces, the range is simple, yet sophisticated, as at home on the beach as they are at the yacht club.

Of all the decisions Mrs Chicken has had to make through the process of designing her own range of children’s clothing, the decision to use organic cotton was by far the most simple. Certified organic cotton is farmed without the use of pesticides, genetically modified seed or synthetic fertilisers. The soil is built up over the years to retain moisture and fungus enabling in our case the organic cotton to prosper on a dry land (non-irrigated) farm. With new research investigating the effects of chemicals and pesticides on our babies physiological and neurological development, buying organic means you are helping to sustain eco-friendly farming practices, whilst promoting the health and wellbeing of our environment and all of our cheeky chickies.

But aside from being super friendly to the earth and lifestyle we strive to maintain for our precious little chickies, the organic cotton fabric that Mrs Chicken has selected, is by far the most superior quality, luxuriously soft to touch, breathable and VERY comfortable to wear. To read more about our Australian Made certified organic cotton fabric, see our post “Our Organic Cotton Fabric” (with thanks to our suppliers Cerrton).

Being 100% cotton, the clothing is easy care, fully machine washable. Mrs Chicken has chosen to have all her clothes and accessories made in Australia, this way, she can ensure that her garments are produced in fair and equitable conditions, and that only the most superior quality garments are produced under the Cheeky Chickies label. Cheeky Chickies clothing stands up to the rigorous conditions of rough and tumble play, whilst maintaining its funky and stylish design appeal.

Mrs Chicken has lovingly created this range of eco-friendly children’s garments, and her imagination spends countless nights conjuring up new designs to coordinate and compliment the collection. Proud to promote her motto “Let your light shine LOUD”, Mrs Chicken’s Free Range Clothing empowers all Australia’s cheeky chickies to stand out from the crowd!

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