Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Story

Cheeky Chickies was first hatched in August 2006. Looking for an alternative income whilst on maternity leave, Mrs Chicken ventured in to online retail industry after receiving compliments and enquiries on the bright and bold wardrobe that adorned her little chickie. Mrs Chicken set about making bright, bold, colour choices in her children’s clothing and accessories ranges, and delighted in working closely with fantastic Australian made labels Huggalugs, Feef and Barefoot Kids.

The following year, Mrs Chicken discovered the natural beauty of organic cotton, and in her pursuits of colour, came across the Canadian organic kids clothing label Fig. Mrs Chicken was excited to exclusively launch their range in Australia.

In 2008, Mrs Chicken welcomed the arrival of little chickie number two. Amidst many a sleepless night, Mrs Chicken’s mind wandered and imagination took hold. Mrs Chicken had always admired the organic clothing ranges produced by overseas labels in the US and UK, as they made such fantastic use of colour, compared to the small Australian contingent, that only seemed to look after the babies. As such, the concept of Cheeky Chickies Free Range Clothing was hatched, and Mrs Chicken set about designing her first range of 100% organic cotton clothing and accessories.

Cheeky Chickies' motto is “Let your light shine LOUD and stand out from the crowd!”. We aim to empower our children, encourage them to be brave and bold, to embrace life and to inspire others. We have created a range of eco-friendly clothing that reflects these bright and beautiful personalities and harmonises with our Australian lifestyle.

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