Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Sister's Baby Shower - Twins!

We recently held my sister's Baby Shower. This is her first pregnancy and we look forward to welcoming two babies to the family in the coming months.

Her official due date is New Year's Eve, however we are pretty certain that the babies will be arriving by early December, if not sooner. Both bubs have been tracking along ahead of the average size, and the poor dear is suffering quite a lot.

Loren is an interior designer and has really enjoyed styling the nursery. The Baby Shower theme reflected the features of the room - and was a great joint effort between my sister, mother, Coby (Loz's best friend) and myself.

Rather than add commentary along the way, I thought i would just run the series of pics from the event - hope you enjoy!

Wallpaper and artwork from Bholu and Porter's Paints.

I purchased the Bholu Monkeys from The Infant Boutique and the beautiful, bright, unisex cotton basics are from Cheeky Chickies, of course!

Loren has chosen Stokke nursery furniture from Baby Things Kensington, Ikea storage unit and vintage Eames molded fibreglass rocker.


  1. wow Deni, you did a fantstic job, I'm in love with those monkeys. I can't wait to do the twins photo shoot. THeir room is just gorgeous.

    Woohoo Loren, can't wait to meet your babies.