Sunday, March 14, 2010

Give Away Time Winner

Thank you to all who made some great suggestion of your favourite little retail stores.

We had 14 entries all together (one entry per person) between our facebook and blog page.

We assigned a number to each entry as follows:

  1. Leesa Cb
  2. Toni Hill
  3. Jen Muir
  4. Simone Wise
  5. Elizar Claire
  6. Norelle Ward
  7. Teresa van der Horst
  8. Kalynda Madge
  9. Carolyn Correll
  10. Amanda White
  11. Candice Ecclestone
  12. Melissa White
  13. Michelle Thompson
  14. tartankiwi

and using a random number generator on, our winning entry tonight was number 9!!

Congratulations Carolyn Correll :)

Shoot us an email to

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